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CLEAR QUARTZ Properties: Purify | Focus | Positivity | Patience | AmplifyChakras: All + Crown Ou...


Properties: Purify | Focus | Positivity | Patience | Amplify
Chakras: All + Crown

Our Protection Bracelet is a reminder to stay strong on the road to adversity. A Protection Bracelet for your Inner Warrior Goddess. A symbol of Protection, Power, and Kinship. The giant crystal wand acts as a shield horizontally against the body, creating a force field of energy that surrounds you always.

  • Stoned Faux Leather Pouch included.
  • Magnetic clasp with clip and safety chain.
  • Very high quality, heavy solid brass with yellow gold plating.

 *Please note: Stones are natural, each beautiful and unique in pattern and composure; therefore no two Stoned Maiden Bracelets will ever be the same. Expect to find inclusions and beautiful markings within the crystal itself. These wands are specifically designed in crystal to show the beauty of a crystalline structure rather than looking like a wand of cut glass.

Available in size S/M - we find this suits most people.

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