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A summery and sharp freshness in a unisex scent.• Top note: range, lemon, bergamot orange• Middle...

A summery and sharp freshness in a unisex scent.

• Top note: range, lemon, bergamot orange
• Middle note: lily of the valley, mint, honey melon
• Base note: vetiver, cedar, musk

Eau de parfum, 50ml
Perfumer, Philippine Courtière.

MAISON MATINE is a sustainable perfume brand. Composed of NATURAL ORIGIN, synthetic CLEAN and VEGAN ingredients.

All fragrances are created and developed in France, made from ORGANIC WHEAT ALCOHOL, and packaged in recycled materials.

MAISON MATINE fragrances contain up to 92% natural ingredients sourced ethically.

The Connie Collector is a proud stockist of MAISON MATINE.

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